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Why Buy Gold & Precious Metals

For people asking " Should I Buy Gold" here is some information on why you may want to buy gold and other precious metals.


Paper Money vs Gold

Wherever you live in the world - USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Australia, your money is printed out of thin air , it only has value because governments say it has. This system is called a Fiat money system. Arguably it can work fine as long as governments do not print too much and don't borrow too much. That is a big IF. Printing too much creates inflation which is a debasement in the value of the currency


How Gold Behaves

While the value of our printed money can be eroded at the stroke of a button. Gold over time has never lost its value. There is an oft spoken adage that in Roman times an ounce of gold would buy a Roman Soldier a fine suit of armour, that in Shakespeare's time an ounce of gold would buy you a good quality suit of clothes and today an Armani suit may cost you the same price as an ounce of gold. Because gold has behaved this way for thousands of years it is an excellent way to preserve wealth - gold is a store of value. During times where money was backed by gold there was little or no inflation over centuries


Gold as Insurance vs  Gold as Investment

Because Gold retains its value it is a great insurance policy over the long term. We should be clear about the difference between gold as insurance and gold as an investment. Yes gold retains its purchasing power but that also means gold does not gain in purchasing power. You may see gold leap from $1000 to $1200 but has the gold gone up in value or has the $ dropped in value. Most likely to be the latter.

We are not trying to put you off investing in Gold but be clear which part of your portfolio is for investing and which part is insurance. If investing then you have to be clear that like all investments you risk losing as well as gaining. For the insurance part it is not so important what the short or medium term fluctuations are in price.


Insurance during a Global Economic Crisis

It is important to educate yourself about the current financial and economic situation and be aware of what could possible happen.On our Audio Page there are links to many broadcasts that give excellent analysis of the economic situation. Insurance policies are to protect you against what could happen - not will happen. Buying Gold or other precious metals for insurance is the same. Just as you do not kick yourself because you spent $3000 last year on health insurance and did not have a heart attack - in the same way you may buy gold  or precious metals for a financial catastrophe that never happens. It will only matter when it matters and then it will really matter


Investing in Silver

The price of silver will move in relation to the gold price within certain parameters. There is something called the Gold Silver Ratio. This is the number of silver ounces one ounce of gold buys. Historically the gold silver ratio has been as high as 80 and as low as 16. The gold silver ratio now stands at around 60 so the potential for the price of  silver to go up in value  more proportionally than  the price of gold is fairly high.


Why Buy Platinum

Historically platinum is priced at $100-$200 above the price of gold. In recent years the price sky rocketed to over 2 times the price of gold - due to heavy industrial demand - especially in the auto industry. With the world economic outlook extremely bleak it could be unlikely to resurge to those heights in the near future however it is still a good prospect for a number of reasons.

- It has never been confiscated and because of its widespread industrial use is unlikely to be.

- Because it is now back in its $100 to $200 range above gold there is good upside potential in the event of an increase in industrial demand.


Why Buy Palladium

Palladium is part of the Platinum Group of metals so it will go up and down in relation to the price of platinum. It trades at a fraction of the price of platinum so is a cheaper alternative. It has also never been confiscated by governments.


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