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Gold is being touted as the ultimate safe haven in these times of economic uncertainty. Traditionally it has always proved to be an excellent hedge against all types of crisis and turmoil however there is one risk that Gold Bugs know all too well - confiscation by governments. Roosevelt did it in the 1930s, Lincoln did it in the civil war and throughout history many countries have found one way or another to get their hands on its citizens' gold. So this article explains how you can buy gold and avoid confiscation.

Buy Gold and Store It In Switzerland As complicated as this may sound it is actually very simple. There are a number of companies that will purchase and arrange extremely safe storage in Switzerland. You open an online account that can be funded from anywhere in the world and you can purchase your gold, silver or platinum at the touch of a button. The metals are independently audited and also insured by Lloyds of London. Check out the link below for more information. Switzerland is an extremely safe country as far as gold goes. It houses 30% of the world's private wealth and its private banking system is its main source of income so any move to confiscate gold would be devastating to the economy. It is neutral and high mountains and an obligation to own a gun makes is a hard invasion target.

Buy Semi Numismatic Coins When gold was confiscated in the 1930s certain items such as collectors coins were exempt from confiscation. Old European Coins such as British Sovereignswere considered collectors items and therefore exempt. These are fairly easy to pick up and not too high a premium. Check out your local coin dealer - you should not be paying any more than 10-15% premium over the spot value so do not be taken in by unscrupulous internet sites pushing these coins for 20-25% over spot!!!

Buy Scrap Gold Jewellery This is just my opinion but in the event of gold confiscation do you really think the government will come knocking trying to take everyone's wedding rings and other prized sentimental gold items. You can buy scrap gold jewellery on Ebay or your local coin dealer for very close to the spot value of the gold. your item will always reflect the current price of gold. Check out the Scrap Gold Calculator for values of scrap gold jewellery items



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In this week's show Eric King interviews Harvey and Lenny Organ who visited the gold and silver vault at the Bank of Nova Scotia only to discover that the vault does not contain even a fraction of the gold and silver they have issued certificates for. The certificates themselves are only backed by the assets of the bank and not by real gold and silver.

Full King World News interview

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Gold per troy ounce closed at $1106.70 Friday March 26th 2010

Scrap Gold Price Per Gram

10k =$14.85per gram

14k = $20.84 per gram

18k = $26.71 per gram

22k = $32.62 per gram

24k = $35.62 per gram


Scrap Gold Price Per Ounce


10k =$461.99 per troy ounce

14k =$648.12 per troy ounce

18k = $830.92 per troy ounce

22k = $1014 per troy ounce


Visit the In Gold We Trust Scrap Gold Calculator for the most up to date prices


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Short video on the coming economic collapse and what you can do about it

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