Junk Silver Coin Calculator


The Junk ‘n’ Silver Coin Calculator is the perfect  app for collectors and investors in silver bullion and junk silver coins from US,Canada, UK France, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico as well those looking for scrap silver values of silver jewelry

The Junk ‘n’ Silver Coin Calculator has a data feed with the latest gold and silver prices and currency rates. The silver content of all silver bullion coins, junk silver coins and silver jewelry is already programmed in so all you need to do is select the coin/jewelry item of your choice and the app does the rest.

You can create a portfolio of all your junk silver coins and bullion coins and track changes in value as the silver market moves.

The Junk ‘n’ Silver Coin Calculator also has a cumulative total allowing you to calculate the silver price of many different types of silver bullion and junk silver coins at any one time.

The scrap silver calculator function will give your the latest scrap silver prices of fine, sterling and .925 silver. Great for giving you the current scrap silver value of your silver jewelry items.

For collectors of US junk silver coins- we have created the “Face Value Multiple” which tells you instantly the multiple of face value that junk silver coins are worth based on the current silver price.

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