Scrap Gold Price Calculator


The Scrap Gold Price Calculator is designed for both buyers and sellers of scrap gold, silver and platinum jewelry.

The Scrap Gold Price Calculator will give you instant prices of

• 24k,22k,18k,14k,10k,9k scrap gold

• Fine & Sterling silver

• Scrap prices of pure and % platinum jewelry denominated in 25 currencies and measured per troy ounce, gram,pennyweight, grain, tael tola or luong.

The app enables you to keep a running total of the price of a number of different scrap gold, silver or platinum items – ideal when buying or selling several different pieces at once

Scrap dealers can calculate a percentage of scrap gold or silver value of the scrap jewelry items being sold.

Sellers can work out what percentage of the scrap gold or silver value they are being offered for their jewelry.

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