Gold Bug Calculator

The Gold Bug Calculator is our most comprehensive app with many different features catering to the needs of the precious metal investor, professional and collector.

Features include:

Live gold and silver prices per gram, per ounce, per grain, per pennyweight, tael, tola and luong in over 25 currencies.

Build one or more portfolios of all your gold, silver platinum and palladium coins, bullion and other assets. The portfolio function calculates the average purchase price of each precious metal across all portfolios and tracks the change in percentage and cash value as the gold and silver price moves up and down.The app also reports the total weight of all your coins and other precious metal items in your portfolio.

Get the latest values of hundreds of different gold,silver, platinum and palladium coins including older US and European Gold Coins and Junk Silver Coins from all over the world.Add rarer collectible and gold and silver numismatic coins to the database and factor in a premium to the value.

Calculate the scrap gold value of gold, silver and platinum jewelry

Look up the precious metal content of hundreds of gold, silver, platinum coins and scrap gold, slier and platinum jewelry items.

Convert any sum of money into the precious metal of your choice. Find out the equivalent of any amount of one metal in another metal.